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Tell A Tail Dog Training - Wendy Krehbiel -


I first met Wendy in 2007 when I was looking for a trainer to help me with my socially challenged dog, Izzy. Wendy and I did several private sessions and she shared with me the tools to manage Izzy's reactivity on outings which ultimately led to Izzy being less reactive in public. Wendy was one of the first Certified K9 Nose Work® instructors (CNWI) in Northern California and, we enrolled Izzy in the first Nose Work class Wendy ever taught. K9 Nose Work® increased Izzy's confidence and, I think, made her life more enjoyable.

Integrative Veterinary Care- Dr. Brenda Mills, DVM -

Dr. Mills was recommended to us by a good friend. She offers a unique “wholistic” approach, merging Eastern and Western medicine for a truly comprehensive pet healthcare experience. Her office offers acupuncture and acupressure, chiropractic care and Chinese herbal therapy. My dogs love her and are always happy to go to her office to see her and her staff.

Dodger's Paw -

(Taken directly from the website)

The goal at Dodger's Paw is to help people on their journey to having well-behaved and enjoyable dog family members. We think everyone should experience the connection that positive dog training brings, and how it results in living with a wonderful and cherished dog.

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